“Gimme five, Supreme Boy!”
Wednesday, July 27, 2005 at 08:32AM

karl.jpgQuote: “Turd Blossom.” Nickname President Bush gave to consigliore/leaker Karl Rove, along with the more flattering but still condescending “Boy Wonder”

Figure of Speech:  Tapinosis (tap in OH sis),  the nickname figure; also Meiosis (my OH sis), the shrinking figure

The president’s use of nicknames displays his genial, what’s-there-not-to-like sense of humor.  And it contains a powerful underlying message:  I’m Leader of the Free World, and you’re not. When Bush calls Russian President Vladimir Putin "Pootie-Poot," communications chief Karen Hughes "Lima Green Bean," and California Senator Barbara Boxer "Ali" (get it?), he establishes a private, just-you-and-me-kid relationship while showing who’s the alpha male.

Not all of Bush’s nicknames fall strictly under the tapinosis figure.  His playful moniker for Vice President Dick Cheney? "Big Time."  Eat your heart out, Boy Wonder.

Snappy Answer:  Sorry.  There isn't any.  He's the President, and you're not.

Figaro  (Call me  Mad Dog)

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