Where the Heck Is Figaro?
Monday, April 13, 2015 at 04:23PM

All over the place, it seems, except here.

He’s been on Twitter as @jayheinrichs.  (That’s where you’ll find his micro-analysis of the election as it progresses. Our take on the Hillary announcement trailer: “It’s not for Democrats or Republicans. It’s for people with lives.” In short except for the awful logo and the condescending phrase “everyday people,” Figaro liked it.)

He’s also been on our sister site, ArgueLab. And on a Youtube channel called ArgueLab.

And you can see what his human version has been doing at JayHeinrichs.com.

One of our latest projects is a series of videos, released every Monday on YouTube, Twitter, and on Jay Heinrichs’s Facebook page. Here’s a recent one:

Jay and his colleague, Christina Fox, also answer questions, such as, “How do I get people to pay attention to me at meetings?” Feel free to contact us with your own questions!




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