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    Long Live King Mike

    kingmike.jpgQuote:  "From time to time, Buckingham Palace is made aware of stories which claim that individuals, other than members of the Royal Family, have a claim to the Throne."  A royal spokesman for Queen Elizabeth, in an email to the Associated Press.

    Figure of Speech:  metonymy (meh TON ih mee), the figure of swap.

    Mike Hastings lives in Australia.  He operates a forklift and helps run a museum for famous outlaw Ned Kelly.  He's also the rightful king of England, according to genealogists.  Recently uncovered documents reveal that Edward IV, who ruled during the 1400s, was a bastard.  Which means that Hastings' ancestor was screwed, quite literally, out of the Throne.

    "Throne" with a capital T is a metonymy -- Greek for "change of name."  The metonymy uses a part to name a whole, or a cause to name an effect, as well as other swaps.  The White House is a metonymy.  "All hands on deck" (meaning sailors, not literal hands).  Brush up on your Shakespeare (his works, that is).  Who finished the box (of cereal)? Madison Avenue (meaning the advertising industry).  He's just a suit (or the guy who wears one) from New York. All metonymies.

    Britain probably won’t swap Elizabeth for Mike any time soon.  He says he doesn't want it anyway.  But the royals might owe him rent.  They "have been living in my bloody castle for the last 500 years," he says, royally.

    Snappy Answer:  "You can have the throne.  I just want the crown."

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