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Figaro rips the innards out of things people say and reveals the rhetorical tricks and pratfalls. For terms and definitions, click here.
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    10 Ways to Use Figures

    Pimp Your Rhetorical Ride.

    1. Make Cool Sounds and Rhythm
    Figures that repeat words, move them around, or make delightful noises.

    2. Change, Swap and Invent
    Figures that shift grammar or tense, change one thing for another, or invent new words.

    3. Practice Rhetorical Jiu-Jitsu
    Tools for using an opponent’s argument to your own advantage.

    4. Control the Issue
    Figures that redefine an issue or word, figurative coups de grace, rhetorical questions and answers, and other figures of logic.

    5. Weigh Things Side by Side
    Dilemmas, comparisons and contrasts.

    6. Say Two Things at Once
    Paradoxes, irony, puns, and tactical ignorance.

    7. Use Emotion
    Figures of emotion, figures of humor, and special effects.

    8. Brand and Insult
    Nicknames, insults, endorsements, and other figures of character.

    9. Cheat and Manipulate
    Distractions and intentional fouls.

    10. Avoid Mistakes
    Fallacies and figures of stupidity.