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    Does Calling Him “Scalito” Make Him the First Hispanic Nominee?

    Scalito.jpgQuote:  "Scalito."  Nickname given new Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito by the press.

    Figure of Speechmeiosis (mie OH sis), the shrinking figure.

    Isn't the middle-aged male pro-life jurist whose last name ends in a vowel seat taken already? Antonin Scalia fills that slot nicely, thank you very much.

    No, no, no, say Samuel Alito's backers.  He's different from Scalia.  For one thing, Sammy's a nice guy.  Nonetheless, the media affectionately give him a meiosis, a figure that belittles a person or thing:  "Scalito," or "Scalia Lite."

    With compassionate conservatives like him, who needs liberals?

    Snappy Answer:  "I thought Bush opposed affirmative action."

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