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    And Medicaid Won’t Pay for the Surgery

    fristmeister.jpgQuote:  "Sam Alito, who has a modest judicial temperament ... is someone who deserves advice and consent by the Senate."   Senate honcho Bill Frist on “Fox News Sunday.”

    Figure of Speechencomium, the figure of praise.

    Vote for Sam because he's modest.  Encomium, which praises a person’s basic qualities, is "eulogy" in Greek, unfortunately.  But Alito's Supreme Court nomination is far from dead.  In case the Dems have the nerve to block it, Dr. Frist is threatening to perform a vetoectomy.

    Question:  While they're up-or-down voting, when do Senators get to advise?

    Snappy Answer:  "If modesty's a Supreme Court requirement, you’ll have to impeach Scalia."

    (Photo credit: the Duct Tape Guys)

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    Reader Comments (2)

    i read frist's quote on cnn.com and immediately went here to see if you had it posted. can always count on figaro!
    December 12, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterisaac
    Why, thank you, Isaac. If I ever do miss a quote you want figured, let me know.
    December 14, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterFig

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