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    Afterward, Mr. Rumsfeld Handed Checks to the Reporters.

    bombocrats.jpgQuote:  "Our enemies have skillfully adapted to fighting wars in today's media age, but for the most part we, our country, our government, has not."  Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Figure of Speech:  appositio (ap po SIT io), the adjacent addition.

    Rumsfeld wants to bribe more journalists, and he uses an appositio (Latin for "placement near") to clarify whom he means by "we."  The English word apposite -- fitting, relevant -- comes from this figure. Be careful with subject-verb agreement when you use it; the Secretary tripped over "we...has not."

    Rumsfeld is not talking about propaganda, mind you.  He calls it a "strategic communications initiative." That's fedspeak for "sink hole of money."

    Snappy Answer:  "Can we first skillfully adapt to occupying a country?"

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