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    And This Champagne Is a Sobering Experience

    ccowherchampagne.jpgQuote:  "It's a very humbling experience right now."  Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Bill Cowher.

    Figure of Speechpaenismus (pain IS mus), the figure of joy.

    How does Coach Cowher feel after winning a Super Bowl?  Humbled.  Translation:  "I'm king of the world! And modest too!"

    Cowher crows a paenismus (Greek for "hymn"), the figurative ode to joy.   You use a paenismus to "thank your blessings," as President Bush put it.

    You might call this increasingly common expression -- often ejaculated by triumphant, testosteronal men -- as an oxymoron.  But an oxymoron is a deliberate paradox and an attempt at wit.  Cowher's quote is far from witty.

    Snappy Answer:  "Give that man a Gatorade bath, stat."

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