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    I Will Use an Evil Device Called "The Internet"

    dr.evan.jpgQuote:  “Party: Animal.”  Senator and presidential candidate Evan Bayh’s Facebook site.

    Figure of Speech: cacozelia (Cac-o-ZEL-ia), using the wrong words in an embarrassing attempt to blend in with an audience.  From the Greek, meaning roughly, “bad imitation.”

    Democratic contenders for the White House have discovered Facebook. John Kerry, that wild and crazy guy, even posed with a couple randoms who work there.  There goes the neighborhood.  But no one does the Dr. Evil “I’m hip! I’m cool” thing better than Evan Bayh, a senator from trendy Indiana.  Lose the beer goggles, dude.

    Naturally, Figaro can give you the technical term for this clumsy attempt to fit in:  cacozelia. (Think ca-ca. Same Indo-European root.)  The cacozeliac uses precisely the wrong slang, or is precisely the wrong person to use it. Party on, Evan!

    Snappy Answer:  “Sign: Kick Me.”

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    Reader Comments (1)

    Actually, over here, a "caco" is (like a "naco") someone who has really bad taste or does not fit in.
    I will now use "cacozelia" freely in my everday speech and dumbfound my friends! Thank you, Figaro. :)
    August 21, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterFia

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