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    The Lobby Bone Is Connected to the House Bone…

    delay.jpgQuote:   "Even though DeLay has nothing to do with Frist, and Frist has nothing to do with Abramoff, how does it look?  Not good."  William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, quoted in the New York Times.

    Figure of Speech:   Anadiplosis (ann ah die PLO sis), the last-word first-word repetition

    Kristol is being very clever with this anadiplosis -- a figure that uses the last line of a clause to begin the next one.  ("For want of a shoe the horse was lost, for want of a horse the rider was lost...") The House majority leader’s indictment has nothing to do with the Senate majority leader’s investigation, which has nothing do the thoroughly corrupt Republican lobbyist. But Kristol's anadiplosis disguises the fact that Tom DeLay has a whole lot to do with Jack Abramoff.

    Who says figures aren't useful?

    Snappy Answer:   "If you're a Democrat, it looks terrific."

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