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    What Do You Call No-Bid Contracting? Halliburtin’.

    nast.gifQuote:   "Lobbyists were trolling for hurrigains almost before New Orleans flooded." Term used in Pseudodictionary.com, a site dedicated to made-up words

    Figure of Speech:   neologism (NEE oh loh gism), the new word

    What’s a $200 billion hurricane windfall with no oversight?  That kind of money merits its very own word,  so we submitted "hurrigain" to Pseudodictionary, a website that boasts more than 20,000 neologisms.

    Three easy ways to coin a neologism:

    • Base it on a name (a figure called an eponym)
    • Change a part of speech (an anthimeria)
    • Combine two words in a punning fashion. That's what we did here.

    Snappy Answer:  "And we'll call no-bid contractors villainaires."

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