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    I Fought the Law and the Law Lost

    bushgun.jpgQuote: "If I wanted to break the law, why was I briefing Congress?" George Bush.

    Figure of Speech: ratiocinatio (ra tio cin AT io), reasoning with questions.

    Bush justifies government spying on Americans making overseas phone calls, saying that Congress gave him the implied power. In a speech at Kansas State, he makes that case with a neat ratiocinatio (Latin for "reasoning through questions"). It's the if - you're - so - smart - why - ain't - you - rich kind of logic.

    Of course, a president is just as likely to brief Congress while breaking the law as while obeying it. The White House requested language granting it the powers Bush says he has, and Congress turned it down.

    Snappy Answer: "For the same reason you're briefing us?"

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