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    The Liberals Certainly Are Copulatio

    deanscream.jpgQuote: "It is amazing to me. Not only are the Democrats not learning from costly policy mistakes, they are not learning what happened from the political mistakes of 2002 and 2004." Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman in the Washington Post.

    Figure of Speech: dirimens copulatio (DIR-i-mens cop-u-LAT-io), the but - wait -there’s - more figure.

    The Republicans have discovered to their delight that spying on Americans actually works in their favor, because it makes Democrats look soft on terrorism. The pansies. Ken Mehlmen expresses his good luck with a dirimens copulatio, a figure that tops one assertion with another.

    A question for the Democrats: Are conservatives all that brave when they grant unprecedented power to a secretive commander in chief in hopes that he'll keep us safe? How about a slogan along the lines of: "Take Courage Not Cover"?

    Oh, wait. Dems aren't supposed to have backbones.

    Snappy Answer: "You expect Howard Dean to learn something?"

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