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    Kramer's Self-Lynching

    kramer_lynching.jpgQuote:  “At last I feel vindicated for finding him to be the least funny character on that show.  After Jerry, that is.”   Comment on The Defamer.

    Figure of Speech:  anesis (an-EE-sis), the lessening figure.  From the Greek, meaning “abating.”

    When the bad-haired, unfunny Michael Richards played Kramer on Seinfeld, we thought he was channeling Phyllis Diller.  Turns out he’s really a serious Borat. “Shut up!” he replied wittily to African-American hecklers during his “comedy” routine, adding a nostalgic description of a lynching and liberal use of the N-word.

    A Defamer participant named Trixie from Toronto responds with an anesis, one of the subtlest, most enjoyable figures.  The anesis begins with a thought and promptly unravels it with a devastating follow-up.  Trixie’s anesis kills two celeb birds with one stone:  Kramer was the least funny character on Seinfeld.  After Jerry.

    Cue the rimshot.

    Snappy Answer:  He’s taking a sensitivity workshop.  From Mel Gibson.

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    Reader Comments (1)

    This website is much worse and unfunnier than any character, from any show. Thank me for posting the only comment here, sucker.
    September 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLeonardo Mello

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