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    Bond Fans Shaken, Not Stirred

    craigasbond.jpgQuote:  "When you heard the casting announcement about Craig as Bond, you might have thought that it was all over, and there was nothing you could do about it.  Well you were wrong!" CraigNotBond.com.

    Figure of Speech: anthypophora (an-thy-PO-phor-a), the figure of anticipation.

    Global warming, terrorism, civil liberties, blah, blah, blah.  Now, here’s an issue that gets us ginned up:

    A website has formed for the sole purpose of getting people to boycott Casino Royale, the James Bond movie coming out this fall.  The producers, you see, committed the atrocity of signing blond lug Daniel Craig to a three-film contract as the sixth Bond. 

    "The Internet.  It’s Democracy.   It Has to Work," the site says earnestly.  Then it gives a reassuring anthypophora ("pre-reply"), a figure that anticipates, and answers, the audience’s objections. 

    The very best figures of thought lull the audience into a passive state of agreement.  By providing them with their own objections, the anthypophora frees them from the chore of thinking for themselves.  We highly recommend it for any bubble-headed audience, such as one that obsesses over Bond actors.

    For all those who love democracy, CraigNotBond.com has an opposition site, CraigIsBond.com.  Your Internet.  It Works.

    Snappy Answer:  "Good shot, old chap! But do you have a silencer?"

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